Month: January 2011

Africa in America
Africa History Month

AFRICA HISTORY MONTH ! Looking back, bring God to the jungle, helping God creating man; race superiority was a jungle philosophy, gross and barbarian

Black Americans contribute more to white Americans than white Americans knew and even can comprehend. White Americans are better people today because of the contact with Black Americans, it could even be said that slavery was designed to bring white Americans out of the jungle; ‘that there are more to […]
The Haiti Revolution
Africa Battle History

The Haiti Revolution

Saint-Domingue, today Haiti, was once the wealthiest in the Caribbean. In 1789, with about 528,000 African laborer, with 30,000 European rulers. And in 1791 the 13-year-long Haitian Revolution began. Haiti, is by far, the country that has been worst punished and most hated for forcing Europe and America to put a punctuation in their concept of superiority. Not only did the Haitians defeated the European folk hero, Napoleon, they held America, British, France, and Spain armies at bay for one hundred years (100 years); with all their power and superiority, the Europeans and Americans could not broken down the Haitian defense.