Africa History Month

AFRICA HISTORY MONTH ! Looking back, bring God to the jungle, helping God creating man; race superiority was a jungle philosophy, gross and barbarian

Black Americans contribute more to white Americans than white Americans knew and even can comprehend. White Americans are better people today because of the contact with Black Americans, it could even be said that slavery was designed to bring white Americans out of the jungle; ‘that there are more to life than been Superior’. Black Americans were reviling God to Americans as Christ came in this world and reviled God to us. They were truly in the jungle. Superiority is an advantage, not a quality. Any fool can have an advantage over the next person, but it required the love and goodness of God, a certain level of human achievement to be of quality. Those qualities are not found in the jungle, therefore God send his sons and daughters who knew Him into the jungle so that their light may shine into the darkness. So those in the darkness too may know of his love and mercy, and his loving kindness, so they too may show mercy, and minister forgiveness, manifest patience, Love their neighbor, kind to the strangers, and Love even their enemy.