Month: March 2012

2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

2012 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

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Africa History

The Teaching Of Amenemope

Instructing his son in uprightness and honesty in governmental positions of trust, this African teacher called by many the “son of man” and by others Amenemope. This seer exalted conscience to its highest pinnacle of arbitrament between right and wrong. Amenemope taught that riches and fortune were the gift of […]
The judgment of  Mussolini
History Judgment

The judgment of Mussolini

And when I entered into secret place of the Most High Mussolini suddenly was called into judgment, and I was elected to sat into the judgment seat. When Mussolini name was called, he did not answer to his name nor stood up in judgment. And I went over to see […]
History Philosophy


In tribes, man gains those essential needs for the functionality of race. Like tribes, races create a safe ground for development until that time when mind exhaust those race held values. At that moment, mind discovered the truth and importance of race that ‘the chicken cannot be had without the […]
Africa History


Moses was an organizer; he selected the best in the religion and mores of Egypt and Palestine and, associating these practices with the traditions of the Melchizedek teachings, organized the Hebrew ceremonial system of worship.