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In tribes, man gains those essential needs for the functionality of race. Like tribes, races create a safe ground for development until that time when mind exhaust those race held values. At that moment, mind discovered the truth and importance of race that ‘the chicken cannot be had without the shell but when the chick hatches the shell lost its purpose. That, race gave the individual the secure environment to practice and for development, that the swimmer needs to be prepared for the launch into deep waters; for deep waters are friendly to good swimmers as shallow waters are to new swimmers.

Race is not Tribe and tribe is not Race

In tribes there are no race, but members of a local group. Tribes, in evolution, start out so that the human race may grow up stable in a local supportive environment. Race, on the other hand, now, enlarge the said same human to a new and higher social level so that development of the personality and viewpoints, while at the same time secure. As it had been demonstrated between the Native of Americas in the time of the European arrival. The Native did not see the newly arrival as a race, rather, they were view through the eyes of tribes, and not race. Both race and tribe have their own level of power and function, and race always conquer tribes.

The Transition From Tribe to Race

We can look at a recent lesson learned when the Europe made the transition from tribe to race. Race is not tribe, or tribe is not race. The transition between tribe to race always mar with war upon wars; a conflict between the old and the new. I use Europe because its transitions were more clear-cut. The transition from one stage to another does not happen naturally, but by some form of influences, and God is the source of all influences. Rome exposure to Christianity (a new concept of God) and in that concept God was created in European images, with the Greeks in the background who had not long gathered up all the learning of Egypt gave the white man an edge. Europeans armed with a newly discovered Christianity and a Bible who’s God is white focused their attention to every one who not white as evil. It must be born in mind that the Greeks and Rome representation of God as white was not wrong for Europe or evil before God; it was for all Africa and the native America to fortified themselves with a defense and even a higher concept of God, like Ethiopia. It was the focus tension of black and white that led Europe out of the darkness of tribes and tribal wars to race. Tribal wars in Africa are not something that is bad, it was delay because of European involvement in the African evolution. This little issue has to workout between Africans. And the only courts that have authority is the African courts.

India, China, and Europe, each is a race; Africa and the Native Americans metamorphoses was interrupted by Europe.

So a re-construction is happening in Africa which may focus African in a unify battle against outside interferences.

The significant of race

Man in evolution attending a college, where there are many courses, teachers, and examination. And its not the will of God that not even a single person should fail. Many races is not an accident, but rather a part of a bigger plan, a Divine plan. In this college, Africa is more comfortable in taking the hard courses Many race cause the environment to become complex which require a higher level of mind. If the world did had only one race, the human race, if survive up to this time, would be very weak and dull Also many race create a charge environment which require certain level morality to be developed among the individuals in the races. This led man from his gross animal vintage even to a Divine nature. Races teaches altruism; that the world was not build for you and your race alone, but for ever one lives in it. It teaches tolerance; it teaches patience’s, forgiveness, It leads man to love, even to Divine love The interaction of races benefited both man and civilization. The experience of one race also benefited other race. The conflict between Black and White American in the 18, 19, and 20th century, was, indeed, a true evidence in this evolutionary course where Black American were truly the teacher in the classroom, white Americans are better people today because of black Americans. ( Rasta in the classroom) Black American contributed lots to White American; White American discovered for the first time that the world was not created for their race alone. There are no homogeneous race, and there can be none until lessons are learn. Race isolation weaken the race. The race that survived this biological tribulation is the one that brow from other race.

The origin of races.

A woman, about 500,000 year gave birth to eighteen children in her life time, and the first seven (7) were of different race. The eight child was the same as the first; the ninth child was as the second. and so on. The woman and women before her did not gave birth in pain. Animal does not gave birth in pain. Yet she was just as women today. Woman gave birth in pain because she is of mix race A woman birth pain is more than a pain, but rather a mile stone in the road of human evolution. The pain will be there until all race, again, socialized into one race. God plan to create one beautiful race. Civilization arrived with many race.

Mixing of race

Each races had many desirable traits which would have considerably enhanced if their better strains have been absorbed. As highlighted by the American founding fathers who told Europe of all region to ‘give me your poor’. this socialized those racial traits within the same race creates the American creative personality. There are quality in mixing within the race, and with other races. Moses mother an Egyptian princess with a lower class father, with both spiritual illuminated resulting the producing of a better strain, Moses. Jamaican powerful personality, the resultants of the enhanced of some better racial traits, became a nightmare for England; never a year pass without the onslaught of the British and its army. In the great tribulation, the considered aggressive and leaders, was removed from the groups, in the Americas and the Caribbean, and was isolated in Jamaica. And the socialization of these expatriate gave birth to the Jamaican personality. Jamaicans and Zimbabwe’s has some similarity within traits, these similarity, if socialized, in education and marriage, may improved the Africa leadership quality. Haiti was powerful because French took people from different regions in Africa and socialized into a small area. When people from different region marry and socialized they tend to create a more advance society. America did knew something that Haiti was on the path social advancement when it sets out on a vogue of racial hate to uproot Haiti. Haiti is weak because the French language isolate Haitians from Black in the west compounded with America, 1915 to 1934, destroyed the leadership and spiritual leaders. Racing mixing is our another long journey and every race got be at the table. The ship had now sail from the shore of our shallow racial boundary, the days of claiming God and the world as yours in now on old dream. Those good old days will not come again. The United States of the Caribbean would be very good, with other things, also it would improved the quality of the people and have some gravity in the world. By J Cole