History, Judgment

The judgment of Mussolini

And when I entered into secret place of the Most High Mussolini suddenly was called into judgment, and I was elected to sat into the judgment seat. When Mussolini name was called, he did not answer to his name nor stood up in judgment. And I went over to see why he did not stood up and answer to his name in judgment; and I examined him and saw that he was dead. When I saw that he was dead, I then signal my associates of the court to removed his name from “the book of life”. When you ran your course and complete your life in this world and embark upon a higher career and arrived on the Heavenly Jerusalem, search the database of those coming up from this world; look in the book of records for the name Benito Mussolini and you will never find it. A father does not do the things his children can do. “By the Sons of God were the universe create” and God supervised. By J Cole