Month: February 2011

Africa History

Ikhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt

In some respects this young Egyptian king is one of the most remarkable persons in human history. During this time of increasing spiritual depression in Mesopotamia, he kept alive the doctrine of El Elyon, the One God, in Egypt, thus maintaining the philosophic monotheistic channel which was vital to the religious background of the then future bestowal of Michael.

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Winter Sports

Gorilla congolium sic ad nauseum

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Battle of Adowa
Africa Battle History

The Battle of Adowa

When one thinks of Menelik II what immediately comes to mind is Ethiopia’s great victory over Italy at Adowa in 1896. But, as all those who are familiar with Ethiopian history know very well, military prowess in Ethiopia does not date from the days of Adowa, but has been a […]