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Winston Churchill, an European hero for the African waste basket

A thoughtful visionary of a primitive philosophy, a diehard from the old school. His unashamed belief in race superiority, Winston Churchill took up the cause of his philosophy in Africa, and he preaches to the Kenyan. In the battle for Kenya his thoughts was white and his preaching was death. Over 130, 000 Kenyan went to the grave by his hands. The Kenya he called “savages armed with ideas” And said “I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against savages” As Churchill deplored brutality against the Kenyan he said “I did not really think that black people were as capable or as efficient as white people”.
England glorify murderers like Henry Morgan, Lord Nelson, and hundreds more who murdered black. So Winston Churchill was not new to the cause.
Winston Churchill truly believed that white should rule Africa so he fought hard and would not accept any thing less than the white settler had control over Africans affairs. In the Battle, he was astonished of the Kenyan continue resurgent as if he though that they were not human. His action began to cause England to be uncomfortable one writer seeking to explain the feebleness of Churchill ‘s attitude towards Africans, writes: ‘Churchill was a Victorian by upbringing and most Britons of his generation regarded black as backward and relatively uncivilized.’ But, ‘Churchill’s own outlook was more informed and relatively enlightened.’ Well regardless of how others may have felt at the time. Today is Winston Churchill judgment day, others day may come, but not today.