This is no religion

Some one asked me, some times ago, what religion I belong to; I simply said: I do not have religion as you may know religion. I am a son of God, like Jesus, a Trench Town type of personality. I dress in no special way, read no special book, perform no special ritual, nor visit any special land; I live in the presence of God in heaven, like a child in this world lives before his or her father.

All things are sacred in the life of those who are spirit led, and a part of Him that is holy is in me. Therefore wherever I am is holy ground. I am a son in resident, and, as a son in resident, it is my responsibility to become expert in solving the little problems that the world may have. Therefore I labor and when I have exhausted my spirits, I then “ send forth my spirit to heaven to be recreated and, an it return to me anew, I renewed the face of the earth….”
I am a son of God like the Isaiah brothers who declared the day of the Lord: “The Lord has anointed me to open the prison and free the captives.” I am a son of God like Daniel. When Nebuchadnezzar rode in to Jerusalem Daniel greeted Nebuchadnezzar and said:” Welcome Nebuchadnezzar my son.” Daniel was speaking on behalf of the Most High. Daniel teaching was that God does not have any superior or chosen people, and Nebuchadnezzar was a son of God who was misguided and went astray.
I am a son of God like Jesus. In olden times things were dull in Jerusalem and Jesus went looking for trouble, He opened the eyes of the blind in front of the temple on a Sabbath day, which was against the law. Not because things are normal and quiet mean that you should allow ignorance to continue.
I am a son of God like Moses. Moses was elected to cast his lot with the people of his father side, a people without any hope in the world. Moses gathered up the residue of the traditions of the days of Melchizedek, and these teachings, joined to the learning of the Egyptians, guided him in the creation of the improved religion and elevated his down trodden brethren above Egypt.
I am a son of God like Melchizedek who live continuously without end of days, but forever. I am a son of God, under the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood and sisterhood of men and the parenthood of the Trinity. As Bob Marley said, “This is no religion, this is the life.”