I shot the sheriff

There was a time when I was traveling though “the valley of the shadows of death”, and in a distance, I heard the roaring of thunder. So when I turned the corner, I saw a dragon, a deputy, with fire and smoke coming from his mouth and nostril like a furnace while standing across my path. My feet gave way and, as I was about to go down to the ground, I was left up from both sides so that I was walking without my feet touching the ground. When I reach about 15 meters from where this deputy stood, my feet was now getting stronger, I notice that the fire and smoke was now coming from the two sides of his mouth and through his nostrils as if he could not move; his eyes open wide and moving but he could not open his mouth or move. Without fear, when I reach about less than a meter from him, as if I was going walk through him, this deputy sudden shrank and became a little dog running away crying. It was true when Bob Marley said “there was no deputy.” The musician did not saw how and who shot the deputy, but he did saw in a vision how the sheriff will reach his end. As he reviled it. The deputy was shot long before the sheriff. The sheriff sent the deputy to kill the child, as it was born, “before it grows” up. As John saw the truth in olden time : “And the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.” The deputy was shot by the Third Person Of The Trinity. The sheriff has not yet been shot, even as I wrote this. Bob Marley reviled what is to come: A day shall come, “In my going and coming out of town.” And, on that day “sheriff John Brown will be aiming to shoot me down.” And, on that day “I shot him down in self defense.” And, when you are finished with your life in this world and arrived in your heavenly career, you will be able to “read it in the news” for it will be published in the heavens. And, its on that day that “freedom will come my way.”