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And when the sons of God went to presents themselves before the Most High, Lucifer went also

“And when the sons of God went to presents themselves before the Most High, Lucifer went also” “ And when they learned how Lucifer cast serpent in the bosoms of angel and man, he could not even found standing room among the assembles of son and daughters.” Lucifer belongs to a class of beings that are second to the Most High. There are many being like him. But although he’s an high being, Lucifer had never been to Paradise, or had any conversation with, or see God. Lucifer is an high son, but in relation to God he is a low son some distance above the angels; he is a son of God just like us in a higher universe. We knew of Lucifer because he was the head of a group of worlds we belong to. He was a brilliant son, experience in service, a high counselor of his group, and was distinguished for wisdom, sagacity, and efficiency. Of his order, he was designated as one of the one hundred most able and brilliant personalities in more than seven hundred thousand of his group. From such a magnificent beginning he have succumbed to the urge of self and surrendered to personal liberty Lucifer is now a deposed fallen son. Of him it was said: “Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom because of your brightness” “How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How are you cast down, you who dared to confuse the worlds!” Very little are know, on this world, that Lucifer, Satan, and “the devil” were three different personalities owing to the fact that he assigned his first lieutenant, Satan, to advocate his cause on this world. Satan, is of the same order as Lucifer but held a lower office than him. Like Lucifer Satan had never been to Paradise, or had any conversation with, or see God. Caligastia, we knew him as “the Devil” was Satan first lieutenant, elected one million years ago as the Planetary Prince of this world, but he took up office only 500, 000 years ago when races emerges in this world. Caligastia is a deposed one time Planetary Prince of this world, people of old called him “the devil.” “The prince of darkness.” “Evil in high places” who betray his trust and cast his lot with Lucifer and Satan about 300, 000 years ago and who subsequent set a trap, 28,000 years ago, for Adam and Eve who fell in after they arrived in this world, caused them to stumble; his real name is Caligastia. The Lucifer rebellion was wide: “And the dragon tail took a third of the stars in the heaven” When Christ was in this world he went and finally settle the Lucifer problem when he said “get behind me Satan.” Christ does it with the mind of men. Jesus was teaching us not to be afraid, because God it with us. The drama, on the mountain of temptation, Jesus, the human side of Christ, that face Satan: Jesus, the man who found God and God found man. I believe that he did not went against Caligastia because he want us follow his lead; for us to rise above and over power him. Caligastia is still in this world but has no power over human, “The spirit of true are one with men”; he cannot influence our mind. Christ, before leaving this world said to him: “If you touch any of my little ones you touch me all so.” He now controlled the economics and governmental trust of the world through Freemasons but its for you and I to push the host hell off the seats of power and grasped the rein of authority so that Lucifer philosophy found no dwelling place in this world; then, even we too can say as Jesus said, as we moving foreword, “get behind us Caligastia.” For his place will be found no more nor his important that we should make mention of him. Caligastia dethroned and shoved off all governing spiritual powers, though were permitted freely to go about this world. He and his deputies continued their deceptive and seductive efforts to confuse and mislead men. But as concerned their work on the administrative, “their place was found no more.” When a Paradise Son visit to a world, the visit liberated the mind of men from all evil of that world. On a world just like ours, “under the guidance of a Melchizedeks a young woman, human like us, saw that the prince was about to betray his trust, she grasped the leadership of the human races and push the invisible Planetary Prince off the seat of power and not a single soul on that world enlisted under the Lucifer banner..” When Jesus was arrested he said “ and the prince of this world was called into judgment.” And when he sentence to death he said “and the prince of this world has been judge, and has been cast out.” He was talking about the sad estate of the said same one time world prince who led this world astray. He was still, technically, Planetary Prince., and it was an that moment that the falling prince we called devil was dethroned from his office. Now he cannot cross the line draw in heaven. Bob Marley, in a vision saw the sad estate of this one time Planetary Prince end in his song ‘ I shot the sheriff.’ His second in command, “the deputy” was shot by the third Person of the Trinity. Bob did not saw who shot “the deputy,” but I do.